Yoga of Joy: Awakening the Warrior Within

Dive deep into what inspires you to discover your life purpose. When you live from the source of true inspiration, you are able to find true joy and lasting success. This book will also help those who are seeking guidance for finding their right next step.

Based on the inspiration of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the bestselling spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi.

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Excerpts from Book


There is no reason to continue going through life without inspiration—that which we are here to find within ourselves, and to share with mankind. 

“If your vocation does not satisfy your heart, it is not the right path for you. If you want to reach the abode of lasting peace and happiness, you should pursue whatever path your heart’s desire tells you to follow.”  

—Paramhansa Yogananda

Following this inspiration is a pathway to success. Feel what lays dormant inside of you, waiting to be shared; bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and joy!

We are here to grow with one another, to aspire to become a part of a greater reality, and to awaken to our infinite potential. We are here to learn lessons, to find purpose, to give meaning to life, and to expand our God-given higher natures.

Now is the time to begin an inspired life full of purpose and meaning.

And it is time to learn how to be successful in the highest sense, by rediscovering the boundless fountain of enthusiasm and joy for life that resides within.

“To be alive is to be on fire with purpose, to move forward with undaunted determination toward a goal. You must be enthusiastically active, make something of yourself, and give something worthwhile to the world.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda


The purpose of this book is to help others tune into the inspiration and meaning in life that they are seeking. To learn how to be successful in the highest sense, by rediscovering the boundless fountain of enthusiasm and joy for life that resides within.

This book is a practical guide that can be used by anyone at anytime for finding or rejuvenating one’s life purpose for a happier, more fulfilling life.  By guiding you in the process of finding your source of inspiration in life, we will lead you to your purpose, and give you the beginning steps for making an inspiration manifest.

The book is filled with practical, science-based exercises to help you apply what you read, so that the book becomes your own experience. Your own insight will help to make the book more meaningful, and your participation will make it come alive. 

By doing the exercises, you will create an experience that will hasten your learning through direct experience. Furthermore, the benefits of the exercises are scientific. Why not at least test them in the laboratory of your own life, applied to your own aspirations to manifest your dreams? 

In this way, you allow the Divine to flow through you and write the next chapter of your life together. Your intuition will help guide you, and your willingness will bear fruit for applying what you learn in real time. 

The time for a new way of life is now. 

Introduction: What Is Inspiration?

“Life should be a source of continuous inspiration.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda

Before we begin Part 1 of this book, let us define inspiration and what it feels like to find inspiration from within.  

The root of the word inspiration (similar to respiration) means to draw in, as in to draw in the breath of life or conscious life force (spirito). Spirito or spirit, is all around you, waiting for you to open yourself to an all-pervading, joyful consciousness that can be a source of personal upliftment, or if you share your inspiration with many, a source of upliftment for others.

When you open yourself to this conscious life force, or Spirit, inspiration comes from a higher source, beyond personal limitations or desires. This is why great works that come from said inspiration, are remembered far beyond their time. The originality, the sense of joy they bring to all those who see such great works, are timeless. The best works throughout history, the most memorable teachings and people, come from those who tried to become pure channels for inspiration, for Spirit to flow through them. 

Drawing inspiration is an active process because we must participate by becoming an open channel for beautiful things to manifest. When you are ready to draw true inspiration, you must go within to a place where there is calmness, where outside noise and restlessness cannot drown out the melody of inspiration playing in your heart. In the stillness of our hearts, lies the answer to what we are here to give

The melody of inspiration you form will originate from your unique individual qualities, in their truest form at your center, within your soul. Yogananda said that our soul is like a wave in the ocean of Spirit, thus a bit of spirit (ocean) makes up each of us (the wave). Therefore each of us has access to the melody of Spirit that resides within our heart; all we have to do is tune into the individual expression of Spirit within each of us. No two souls are the same. No true sources of inspiration are without originality. 

When we move in the direction of sending our energies to fulfilling this higher nature’s natural expression, we begin to feel what is right for us in this life.

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