How to Stay Positive for Success

A positive attitude is a right attitude.

Have you ever noticed that when you are positive, your energy is lifted? During such a time, you may say, “I feel high”, or “I’m on top of the world!” Now, reflect on those times that you were feeling negative. Did your body seem to become “heavy”, and would you say you were feeling “low”?

This is a natural phenomenon. When we are negative, our energy is heavy, and it is hard to face life’s challenges; to rise to the occasion; and to have the qualities and inner strength needed for success. When our energy is light and lifted, there is no challenge too hard. No obstacle too big.

“There are no such thing as obstacles: There are only opportunities!” —Paramhansa Yogananda

Seeing the glass half full is a positive way of approaching life, but in relation to success, positivity is known for its ability to attract solutions. When you hit a “block”, or mental struggle, that keeps you from moving forward, rather than seeing more and more problems along the way, a positive state of mind will help you clearly see just the right solution!

Make positivity a habit. Then, even when you hit blocks, you will have already set up the neural pathways in the brain that habitually move to a positive approach, seeking solutions, opportunities, and the “bright side” to a situation. The momentum of this good habit will then help you in more difficult times of trial.

Holding a positive attitude also frees up energy that would otherwise be used on negativity. Think of how many negative self talk thoughts you may have per minute, and all the energy that this drains from you. See how much it could weigh you down, preventing you from a bright and successful future!

Set your sight on success, by resisting negativity. Negativity can come inwardly in the form of fears, doubts, and worries; or it can be reflected outwardly in the form of business failures; lack of financial gain; or disharmony amongst your colleagues. When we run into a wall of negativity, we must push past it again and again until we are free from its hold. Focus on how you can uproot negativity at its source and keep it from ever holding you back again! Keep your thoughts uplifting. Be one of the few who live above doubt and negativity, in skies of inner peace and harmony.

Whenever negativity surrounds your environment, it takes great energy and will to overcome it. One way to do so, is by putting out great amounts of positive energy. Especially in the form of creativity and service to others. The more, the better!

“Seek to do brave and lovely things that are left undone by the majority of people.” —Paramhansa Yogananda

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