Magnetism, Energy, and Success

Magnetism is the most important thing for success.

What is magnetism? Magnetism is a force that operates in the material world, on an energetic level. Like gravity, it is there even though our five senses may not perceive it outwardly. Though physically unseen, we know of its existence. For example, this force is at work from experiments with metals and magnets. Specifically, how iron filings on a piece of paper can be seen either moving toward or away from a magnet, based on the magnetism of the particular magnet.

When we see the poles of two bar magnets either attract or repel one another with subtle lines of force, this is the force of magnetism at work related to the power of attraction. And, in the sense that magnets can also act upon unmagnetized iron, drawing it toward them, we, too, with our magnetism, can act upon objects—even opportunities.

Magnetism shows us that our creative power is not limited to words or outer appearances, but that there is a subtle quality at work that affects us, affects others, and can be affected by others. The greater our awareness of this subtle level of energy flow, the greater our ability to control matter. And the greater our ability to control matter, the greater the ability to attract within the physical world what we need for success.

This law of attraction is the reason right attitudes are so important. Whatever one holds strongly in the mind, one attracts. Love attracts love. Fear attracts fear. However, the ability to attract circumstances, even inspirations—depends on the strength of one’s magnetism.

This magnetic field—whether strong or weak according to the strength or weakness of will—generates energy. Remember, Yogananda’s axiom: “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.” What follows? “The greater the flow of energy, the greater the magnetism.” Thus, if your will, and the resulting flow of energy, is powerful, there is nothing you cannot draw to yourself.

Every time a current passes through a wire, it produces a magnetic field. A strong current (energy flow) generates more magnetism, while a weak current produces little magnetism. So does our nervous system when it transmits electrical impulses.

Every human activity, which is based on an electrical impulse in the brain, such as a thought, manifests a magnetism of its own. To be successful, we must develop the type of magnetism needed by being confident in our success. This is because confidence and positivity keeps our current of energy strong, while negativity weakens it. Positive attitudes like willingness, cheerfulness, kindness, and all wholesome attitudes, increase our magnetism.

“That power which best energizes the body is an attitude of willingness.”—Swami Kriyananda

Thus, even if you are not trained in most technical aspects of a field, a willingness to do good for others may draw the knowledge you need to go forth.

The law of magnetism is also why the company we keep has an important effect on our ability to be successful. Just as a rod of iron next to a magnetized bar becomes similarly magnetized, so also does our act of placing ourselves in the company of successful individuals improve our magnetism for success.

Observe the laws of magnetism at work in your life. Watch your energy throughout the day, with respect to qualities and attitudes you take on in certain environments, around different people. Yogananda stated that, “Environment is stronger than will.” Thus, a supportive environment is also important to success.

  • Do you notice certain qualities more prominent in certain environments? (Perhaps comparing a positive environment you know to a negative one.)
  • Is there an attraction to certain environments or circumstances you would like to change, so that you can make room for more positivity in your life?
  • Are there certain things you would like to avoid, like habits or negative patterns with others, that keep continuing? If so, is there something within yourself that you can identify as the reason for this continuous attraction?

Make your magnetism positive, and become a light for the world.

To continue reading so you may go deeper within these concepts, you may enjoy the full booklet: The Yoga of Joy: Awakening the Warrior Within.

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