What Does It Mean to Be Enthusiastic?

Enthusiasm requires high energy to manifest. When you picture someone you know who is enthusiastic, you probably think of someone who could be described as joyful and energetic. Why is energy such an important part of enthusiasm?

The root meaning of the word “enthusiasm” is en or “in” and thus, Greek for “spirit”. More simply stated, enthusiasm’s root meaning is “inspired by God.” To be enthusiastic, therefore, one must be a channel for God’s inspiration to flow through them. That kind of inspiration gives potentially limitless energy to accomplish things, if we simply tune into what is trying to happen through us.

Love for helping others and the inspiration to share can also make one very enthusiastic! The energy of the heart, when opened and lifted upward to the flow of inspiration, has great potential for what it can accomplish. Inspiration is a gift, and it is our responsibility to do all that we can to manifest it. And by helping others grow and expand, we, too, grow and expand.

There is an ancient Sanskrit Proverb of India that says,“Where there is adherence to truth and right action, there is victory.” Acting only with the desire to help others—and without a desire for what your actions will do for you—is right action. Those who are enthusiastic about achieving great things, and sharing good ideas, will be successful.

“To be alive is to be on fire with purpose, to move forward with undaunted determination toward a goal. You must be enthusiastically active, make something of yourself, and give something worthwhile to the world.”—Paramhansa Yogananda

To generate enthusiasm, Yogananda said to raise your energy.

Here are a few exercises that will help you to raise your energy to the levels needed for drawing positivity, inspiration, and creativity:

Smile! When we smile, even if we don’t feel to smile, the physical movement itself causes us to feel happy. Our bodies read that our smile muscles are in “smile position” and the mind translates this information into “We must be having a happy experience.” Thus it helps us feel happy!

Raise your arms above your head. On a deep inhalation, lift your arms out to the sides, up over you head, and lift the gaze of your eyes upward. At times, this may be even easier than smiling! Try it now. The upward flow of energy against the pull of gravity can lift your spirits.

Practice an affirmation for enthusiasm with great energy: “I am positive! Energetic! Enthusiastic!” Try this with a smile, and even with arms raised. (From the Superconscious Living Exercises of Swami Kriyananda, disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda.)

How to find balance and harmony while still being enthusiastic:

“If you have lots of health and lots of wealth, but lots of trouble with everybody, including yourself, you have very little.” —Paramhansa Yogananda

As you go forth, remember the true meaning of success. Make the focus of all your efforts be to find balance and harmony in all aspects of your life. To maintain your inner peace and be kind to the other “wheels” moving along the path.

Remember that life is short; in reality we are only here for a short time.  At the end of your life, what will matter most is whether you have done what in your heart is truly important to you. Be sure that you give energy to those things which will help you to live rightly, without regrets.

Our life, ultimately, must be measured not by all of our outward achievements, but by our ability to find lasting happiness.

To go deeper within these concepts, you may enjoy reading the full booklet: The Yoga of Joy: Awakening the Warrior Within.

In addition, we offer workshops for individuals and groups on energy flow and breath.

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